Aukey 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser Hands-On Review

Aukey 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser

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Hands-On Experiences:

We purchased this item from Amazon on October 15, 2017.

Review last updated December 3, 2017.

Living in central Alberta, Canada, I’m “fortunate” to spend my days in a relatively arid climate. One of the ways I seek relief is via humidifiers, and lately, I’ve been replacing my desktop humidifiers with essential oil diffusers.

Why? Because these diffusers also act as small humidifiers, but they come with the bonus of also making my home smell fantastic.

On deck today is the Aukey 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser. As you may have come to expect from us here at, we’re going to put it through its paces. Let’s check it out.


Coverage Area

About 250 sq ft

Water Tank Capacity


Included Functions

  • Automatic shut-off timer (1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, indefinite)
  • 7 color LED display
  • Waterless auto-off function

What’s Included?

  • 1 x diffuser
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x measuring cup
  • 1 x user manual


  • Plastic (BPA-free)


  • 2 years from the date of purchase

Unboxing / Initial Impressions

Aukey 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser

The diffuser arrived well packaged (as I’ve come to expect from Amazon prime orders), inside a plain but otherwise sufficient brown box. Opening it up, you’re presented with a graphic “key” warranty card (nice touch, Aukey) and the components themselves carefully laid out inside.

The white plastic shell is about what I’d expected based on the product photos, and once assembled they fit together relatively snugly. No complaints here.

Notably, there’s an inner water tank cover and then a second external cover as well. The second cover is mostly for aesthetic considerations.

Using the Diffuser

Fill the tank with up to 500ml of water (the max fill line inside the tank is clearly labelled, or you can use the included measuring cup), add a few drops of your preferred essential oils (I’m using these inexpensive ArtNatural oils), plug it in, and turn it on. Within a few moments a steady stream of mist begins to pour out of the top spout.

This diffuser has three buttons: light, power, and mist settings. Each button is labeled with a small icon directly underneath.

Power Settings

Aukey 500ml Essential Oil DiffuserAukey ships the diffuser with a white AC adapter with a longish power cord that plugs in at the base of the unit.

Pressing the middle button will activate the unit.

Subsequent presses will cycle through its various timed modes (1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, continuously, and off).

Note that if left on continuous mode, the diffuser will run until it is either turned off manually or detects that it is out of water.

Operating the Light

Aukey 500ml Essential Oil DiffuserPressing the light button (the leftmost button) activates the built-in LED.

  • Your initial press turns the lights on. By default it will cycle through its 7 colors.
  • A second pres will freeze the light on whatever color it is currently on.
  • A third press will deactivate the light.

Notably, the entire top half of the diffuser glows, making it a pretty decent night light (this VicTsing 400ml essential oil diffuser only glows around the colored ring).

Mist Settings

Pressing the rightmost button (marked with the “mist” icon) will activate the mister.

When activated, the diffuser defaults to the low mist setting. A subsequent press will turn it to high. There is no audible or visual indication of which setting it is in.

Two-Week Review

As with other product reviews on, our first review begins after two weeks of regular use. Our follow-up review will occur again at two months, and then again at six months, and with a final follow-up at 1 year.

For the past two weeks the Aukey has been used at least 6 hours per day. As of today’s date, the diffuser has run for a minimum of 84 hours.


At just under $40, this diffuser is not a premium product. It’s certainly not priced that way. Unfortunately, its appearance matches its price-point.

It isn’t bad looking, but it does indeed look like a white jug. It will fit into nearly any space, but it will always look fairly generic. By comparison, this VicTsing diffuser as a nice wood-grain finish that really upscales it. With the two sitting side by side, the VicTsing is the clear aesthetic winner.

However, this Aukey is still a decent looking unit and its light function is much better than the VicTsing I’m comparing it to. The entire top part of the unit glows, making it easily visible (and a pretty decent night light).

The button and LEDs are fairly generic looking – there’s no doubting that this diffuser was made overseas – but that’s a fairly minor complaint. If the front panel bothers you, just turned the unit around.

At just under 7” tall, its a fairly prominent appliance when placed on a shelf or desk. However, it tends to blend in to its surroundings thanks to its downplayed styling (until the light is activated, that is).

Like most of the other essential oil diffusers I’ve reviewed, the plug is on the underside. The product photos on Amazon don’t show the cord hanging down, but it’s definitely there- you’ll need to place it near an outlet (the cord is quite long so it’s not particularly restrictive).

What’s it Like to Operate?

The diffuser is spec’d to mist 30ml per hour, meaning that a full 500ml tank should last around 16-17 hours. The longest I’ve run it for straight was 12 hours and it did not require a refill during that time.

The outermost shell is very easy to remove and feels solid in your hand. It’s also easy to grip and hold (a few diffusers I’ve used are a little slippery feeling, requiring two hands to remove the outer shell). For that fact alone I tend to use this diffuser the most.

Cycling through the various lighting and timer options is straightforward, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for the mist setting- pressing the button doesn’t make a noise and doesn’t seem to influence the rate that mist shoots out the top. Both the low and high settings seem to output the same amount of mist.

I suppose it’d be pretty easy to test though: run it until empty in both settings and see if there’s a difference. I’ll make sure to include that in my two month update.

Aside from the mist settings mystery, this diffuser is straightforward and easy to use.

Two-Month Review

December 3, 2017Aukey 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser

We received both the Aukey and VicTsing diffusers at the same time, and our initial preference was the VicTsing, but now I’m not so sure.

The VicTsing is aestheticly superior, but in every other respect, the Aukey appears to be the better diffuser. Given that it’s primary purpose is to diffuse essential oils, performance should trump aesthetics.

For the past two months this Aukey diffuser has been active for at least 3 hours per day. Throughout that time it has performed exactly as it did when it was brand new.

It’s quiet and quite effective at diffusing essential oils- it only takes a few minutes for a 500 sq ft room to smell wonderful.

A sometimes-downside is that when the light is active, the entire unit glows. This isn’t always a downside, but when using in a bedroom, it is a bit bright at night.

Otherwise, it has remained a problem-free addition to our home.

Where Does This Aukey 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser Come Up Short?

As mentioned above, the mist settings button doesn’t appear to do anything. I have a feeling that it may take time to adjust the rate of misting and that I’m simply not paying attention to it long enough, but it’s annoying that I have to try to diagnose what’s going on. A simple audible or visual indicator of a setting change would be greatly preferred.

The buttons themselves also feel cheap when pressed. There’s a bit of movement (it doesn’t feel out of place, but there’s a bit of a wiggle when pressed) when the buttons are being operated. I sat there for 10 minutes pressing the light button (seriously) and it never failed to activate (I figure I pressed it at least 300 times), so I’m not worried about longevity, but still- there’s something to be said for a unit that feels well put together.

Finally, I think that this one of the less attractive diffusers that I’ve gotten my hands on. Again, I don’t think it’s ugly, but I don’t think it’s good looking either. I recognize that this is subjective so you can ignore this if you like its aesthetic.

Aukey’s 24 Month Warranty

I’ve owned several Aukey products in the past, and they have always been backed by straightforward and no-nonsense support. The typical experience is contacting them via Amazon, explaining your concern, and then they’ll either ship a new unit or offer a refund (depending on the circumstance).

I have not tested their warranty with respect to this diffuser, so I can’t speak first-hand to how well supported this diffuser is. If the opportunity arises I’ll make sure to update this section.

Conclusion: Will You Be Happy With This Aukey Essential Oil Diffuser?

Despite my complaints, I’m overall quite satisfied with this diffuser. It’s simple to operate, and the “universal” mist setting does a fine job of making my home office smell fantastic.

I quite like how easy it is to open/close and that I can operate it with one hand. That sounds mundane, and it is, but I’ve since learned that it’s a luxury not afforded to all diffusers.

If you like how it looks and want a larger diffuser (and aren’t too picky on being able to control the mist settings precisely), I have no qualms recommending this Aukey.

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