VicTsing 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser Hands-On Review

VicTsing 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser

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We purchased this item from Amazon on September 29, 2017.

Review last updated: December 3, 2017.

The popularity of essential oils is climbing, driving the creation of new products designed to enhance your experience using them. One of the most popular products on the market now is the essential oil diffuser- a humidifier/aromatherapy combination that many people (including myself) love to use to enhance their personal comfort.

On the bench today we have the VicTsing 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser, an inexpensive diffuser available on Amazon for well under $50.

Is this diffuser worth its diminutive price tag? That’s what I set out to determine.


Coverage Area

About 270 sq ft

Water Tank Capacity


Included Functions

  • Automatic shut-off timer (1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, indefinite)
  • 7 color LED display
  • Waterless auto-off function

What’s Included?

  • 1 x diffuser
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x measuring cup
  • 1 x user manual


  • Plastic


  • 45 day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year from the date of purchase
VicTsing 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Unboxing / Initial Impressions

Cosmetic Blemishes on VicTsing Essential Oil DiffuserPacked inside a relatively nondescript blue box, the diffuser is well protected- I doubt shipping damage is a problem.

With all the items removed from their plastic covering, the diffuser is lightweight and seemingly well built. However, I immediately notice a small defect in the clear-coat finish on the plastic “hardwood” cover. These defects do not affect its performance, but they do influence its aesthetics. Attempting to wipe/clear the area did not remove the defects.

Other than that, all items appear to be finished pretty well.

Using the Diffuser

Fill the tank with up to 400ml of water, add a few drops of your preferred essential oils (I’m using these inexpensive ArtNatural oils), plug it in, and turn it on. Within a few moments a steady stream of mist begins to pour out of the top spout.

Power Settings

Pressing the power button (the right button, which is also the mist settings button) activates the diffuser. Subsequent presses will cycle through its various timed modes (1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, continuously, and off).

Note that if left on continuous mode, the diffuser will run until it is either turned off manually or detects that it is out of water.

Operating the Light

Press the left button (marked “light”) to adjust the light settings:

  • A single short press will activate the light. By default the diffuser will cycle through its various colors and brightness levels.
  • A second short press will freeze the light on whichever part of the cycle it is on.
  • A long press (3 seconds) will turn the light off.

The unit does not provide much of a visual indicator of which light setting it’s on, so you’ll need to pay close attention to how the light reacts to your button presses.

Mist Settings

Pressing the right button (marked “mist”) will activate the mister.

  • A short press will cycle through the various mist time intervals (1H, 3H, 6H, on, and off).
  • A long press (3 seconds) will adjust the intensity of the mist. The diffuser will beep once for a strong mist, and beep twice for a lighter mist.

Two-Week Review

This diffuser has been in use for at least six hours per day for the past two weeks. While this is not exactly a long-term test, I am pretty confident in my impression given that it’s seen at least 84 hours of use to date.


Compared to other oil diffusers, VicTsing has done a pretty good job making this diffuser look elegant and attractive. Save for the clear-coat defects on my unit, the diffuser looks more high end than it is. As of the time of this review, the price on Amazon is just $37.

I like the wood grain finish to the plastic, as it matches the dark wood cabinets in my home almost perfectly. It fits right into my decor and compliments the space. That’s a big plus, as some diffusers are over the top with their styling.

VicTsing 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser

The light function is also nice, though after the first couple of days I never really noticed it (though I do turn it on every time I use the unit). I appreciate that I can freeze the light cycle on my preferred color and level of brightness, as it can sometimes be distracting to have the unit fade through its various colors.

The only drawback is the power cord.

The cord is standard and isn’t ugly or anything, but it does take away from the otherwise clean look of the unit. Placing the diffuser on a shelf means that you’ll have a cord hanging down to the nearest power outlet.

It’s hard to fault the diffuser for this, as it needs to be plugged in, but it’s still worth mentioning. The photos on Amazon show the unit without the power cable plugged in, which is a little misleading.

No plug, no power.

What’s it Like to Operate?

The user manual states that the top of the diffuser should be removed carefully, with two hands, from the top (vs. the sides). I can verify that the cover is a pain in the butt to remove with a single hand, as the top is somewhat slippery (due to its finish).

All the built-in functions operate as advertised. The unit will click itself off at the preset interval you’ve set it to, or if left in the “on” mode, it will turn off once it detects that the water tank is empty.

VicTsing advertises that this diffuser can cover 269 sq ft, and I can say that it will cover that space and perhaps a bit more. Left in my living room on the main floor (which is an open concept), you can smell the oils pretty well throughout. My main floor is around 800 sq ft.

In an enclosed room (I use it quite a bit in my 180 sq ft home office) it is quite a bit more potent.

Two-Month Review

December 3, 2017 Update

I’m happy to state that the VicTsing has been a solid diffuser all-around for the past two months. The same annoyance with the single-hand operation remains present (my wife tried to convince me it wasn’t a big deal, but she eventually succumbed to my way of thinking).

Aside from the fact that you forever need two hands to use this thing, there’s been no complaints. It runs 3-5 hours a day, every day, without issue. It automagically (and reliably) turns off once it’s out of water, making it ideal for loading up with 400ml (about two fills from the included measuring cup) and placing on a shelf. “Set and forget”.

It’s also held up to regular handling, though the finish is starting to get covered in fingerprints and minor scratches. Nothing major, and certainly nothing to complain about.


Where Does This VicTsing 400ml Essential Oil Diffuser Come Up Short?

It’s hard to be overly critical of a $37 unit. Still, even when taking price into consideration, there are a couple of things I’d have liked to see:

  • Some kind of more obvious visual indicator of which settings the light and mist mode are set to. If you forget what you’ve set, the only way to refresh your memory is to cycle through the settings again. Note: this doesn’t apply to the timer, which is clearly shown via a small LED above the buttons.
  • A top that was easier to open with one hand. It’s not that big of a deal, but it is annoying at times.

VicTsing’s Warranty Service

As mentioned, my particular diffuser came with two small blemishes in the clear coat of the finish. I reached out to VicTsing and asked them what kind of resolution was available to me.

They replied within 1 day and offered me either a replacement unit, or $4 off my purchase price. Since the blemishes don’t affect the units performance, I felt that replacing the diffuser entirely was a bit wasteful. So, I opted for their $4 refund (which I received a few days later).

Top-notch customer service from the VicTsing team.

Conclusion: Is This VicTsing Diffuser Worth Your Hard-Earned Money?

If your needs are satisfied by what this unit is spec’d to provide, I’d say it’s a solid purchase. With 80+ hours of use it has been a solid performer; it’s easy to operate; it looks good; it’s ultra-affordable at just ~$40.

I will update this review at the two month mark. I am confident that it will stand up just fine, but time will tell!

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